Break the impossible

Bangun Desa Logistindo a unique warehouse with a complete warehouse in one building : export-import with lisence from indonesian customs body. incoming-outgoing domestics cargo. Transshipment capability domestic-domestic, International-International. Domestics- International. eith complete integrated warehouse cost consumption for customer will reduce up to 30% from others warehouse. we are the first warehouse operator that can connected with two airports which efficient for the customers

Bangun Desa Logistindo offered support with advanced warehouse management system with totally ERP influences. we develop our own system which available and reliable to connect with other system which easily use for airlines, cargo providers, couriers, and banks.

We handle airlines cargo, fulfilment services, distribution logistics, regulated agent, general cargo, perishable goods handling, dangerous good, e-commerce cargo also transshipment cargo

Vision & Mission

  • Visi

    Become preferred warehouse

  • Mission

    Providing perfect service to customers, we always prioritize safety, security, service and quality towards on time performance delivery. (Exelence service delivery)